Growing Up Goody: A Heritage Hair Brand’s Visionary Social Strategy

For over 100 years, trusted hair accessories brand Goody has won over the hearts and hair of consumers around the world. In this modern digital era, Instagram has become a major part of Goody’s marketing strategy, and to accelerate the brand’s growth on social, the heritage hair brand tapped into the power of Dash Hudson. With Dash Hudson’s content segmentation and AI technology, Goody has been able to effectively hone its visual marketing strategy and grow an engaged digital community.

Here’s what you’ll learn in the case study: 

  • How Goody uses AI technology to understand how different types of content will perform with its audience.
  • How Dash Hudson’s tools accelerate Goody’s follower growth on Instagram.
  • The data-backed insights Goody leverages to drive engagement with its community.

To dig deeper into how Goody honed its growth strategy on social with the help of Dash Hudson, download the case study now.

Goody-Resource Download