Instagram Benchmarks:
Retail Industry

Dash Hudson looked at the top 100 retail brands on Instagram to determine industry benchmarks to guide your strategy and goals. Discover who the leaders are across KPIs and how they achieve success on this essential channel.


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The retail sector is truly one of a kind. Trends change rapidly, consumers are more empowered than ever, and e-commerce has changed the name of the game. Brands are evolving their product offering and social strategy to keep pace with the ever-evolving industry. Instagram is a savvy retail brand’s go-to channel for new product launch promotion and generating overnight hype for campaigns.


Here's what you'll learn in the report:

  • The four most important KPIs for retail brands and the industry average for each.

  • Why these KPIs are meaningful for retail brands.

  • The strategies industry leaders employ to thrive on Instagram.

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