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Why Nailing Community
and Content
is Essential for Endurance

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Content Informs Conversions

 While there are many strategic factors for brands to consider in 2020, online success can ultimately come down to getting two elements right: community and content. With social media taking center stage as a fundamental channel for connecting with consumers, how it is integrated into a company’s e-commerce strategy is a crucial consideration. Join Kelly Kovack, Editor in Chief of BeautyMatter as she sits down with Michelle Belcic, Vice President of Brand Strategy at visual marketing solution Dash Hudson, to discuss the tactics and technology that will help brands endure now, and in the long-term.

What You’ll Learn:

dhxbeauty matter-body-vis
  • The two pillars of social strategy that are crucial for generating ROI
  • How insights from your online community can fuel content, campaigns, and new product launches
  • The benefits of adopting AI technology into your digital strategy