Case Study: Cotton On


Content creation slowing you down? Let’s pick up the pace. Learn how the Aussie brand is using visual AI to save time and make smarter decisions, faster.


Above Average Photo Performance Ratings by Vision


Of Influencer Images Used in Cotton On's Email Marketing are Vision Approved

Revolutionizing Content Creation

Cotton On knows its laid-back style is best showcased on the ultimate visual marketing channel, Instagram. The missing piece? Data to back the social team’s creative process. In the especially crowded space of apparel on social media, the Aussie brand needed its content to stand out amongst a sea of competitors and to create imagery faster to effectively scale. To do so, Cotton On uses Dash Hudson’s AI technology to build a data-driven content strategy. Yes, it’s possible—and powerful in today’s saturated social world.


Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • How Cotton On uses AI to create high performing photos in real-time to effectively increase engagement.

  • The data-backed insights Cotton On leverages to select content to re-post and which influencers to showcase and collaborate with.

  • How multiple teams at Cotton On have found value in Dash Hudson, using the software to craft strategic campaigns across the brand’s marketing channels.
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