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Finding Your Niche: Exploring Storytelling and Subcultures on Social with Fred Perry

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Break the Digital Fourth Wall

In an era where authenticity reigns supreme, honouring and evolving your brand’s identity is central to carving out a corner of the Internet. The eponymous British brand Fred Perry has mastered this balancing act through a combination of storytelling, education, and organic relationships. Join the social media and editorial experts at Fred Perry, alongside Dash Hudson’s UK team for an exploration of how to tap into what makes a brand unique, and the tactics to share these qualities on social for business success.

What You’ll Learn:

DH x fred perry-webinar-body-vis
  • How to storytell and educate on social media to captivate a variety ofdemographics and subcultures
  • Fred Perry’s holistic ambassador approach, and how it acts as a catalyst for community building
  • How to become a brave, data-backed creative genius and the technology that will get you there