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A Fresh Perspective: Creating and Sharing Content in Times of Crisis

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Staying Connected

 In the midst of a global crisis, brands need to be more thoughtful than ever about their messaging on social media. Though advertising efforts are crucial to help brands stay afloat, they must be executed with care and consideration for what people around the world are experiencing—both financially and emotionally. Enter: Fresh. The social team behind the beloved skincare brand has taken this “new normal” in stride and used their Instagram account as a platform to connect, share, and escape from the chaos. Watch Jenny Pratt, Dash Hudson’s VP of Customer Success with Fresh’s Taylor Branson, Associate Manager, Social Media discuss changing approaches to content creation, what’s working, and how to stay connected with your consumers during a crisis.


What You’ll Learn:

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  • How to share content with integrity and authenticity
  • Do’s and don’ts for creative decision making
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the social landscape and what that means for brands