How REVOLVE Captures Attention on Instagram

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We caught up with REVOLVE's Brand Director Anna Tran, about the cult e-tailer's innovative visual marketing strategy. Learn how they use Dash Hudson to engage their audience with the photos and videos that they want most. 

In Conversation With Anna Tran of REVOLVE

REVOLVE  is an L.A.-based e-tailer renowned for growing its lifestyle brand into a cult phenomenon by leveraging the power of Instagram. 

Anna Tran, the mastermind behind REVOLVE's captivating branding, holds the reins of all image-related operations. She ensures that every channel speaks the language of their customers, effectively spreading the company's ethos through a flawlessly crafted and honed brand voice.

If your business is venturing into Instagram marketing and you haven't acquainted yourself with REVOLVE, it's time to grab your notepads. They've practically written the manual on how to construct a thriving account that seamlessly integrates into all aspects of their operations. For tracking everyday content performance, collecting granular data, and gathering strategy-defining statistics, they rely on Dash Hudson.

 We caught up with Anna to chat about REVOLVE's Instagram marketing strategy and explore how Dash Hudson empowers her to excel in her role.

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