How Who What Wear Co-creates with its Community on Social

Michelle Plantan, as the executive director of creative strategy and head of social media at Who What Wear, seamlessly marries style with accessibility. Every day, she embodies this principle, ensuring that Who What Wear's content resonates with its vast community. 

In Conversation with Michelle Plantan of Who What Wear

Dive into the world of Who What Wear and discover how Michelle's team, with the indispensable help of Dash Hudson, creates, curates, organizes, and delivers content that leaves an indelible mark.

In the expansive digital landscape of fashion and beauty, discerning the true desires of your audience can be challenging. Michelle, however, has mastered this art. We delved deep into her data-driven approach to social engagement and learned how she navigates the vast sea of audience preferences.

Who What Wear stands out as a beacon for Millennial and Gen-Z women globally, offering the latest trends, celebrity styles, and shoppable outfit inspirations. Their chic, size-inclusive clothing line, impeccable skincare products, and meticulously curated content showcase a diverse array of faces, placing them at the forefront of inclusive fashion and beauty.

Yet, catering to 'all' poses challenges. How does one decide the content worthy of Who What Wear's esteemed social channels? For Michelle, it's a blend of digital data and editorial prowess. She crafts posts that command attention, making her audience pause their endless scroll and click for more. Michelle highlights the problem of choosing the best content for each channel, and this is where Dash Hudson becomes invaluable.

Armed with Dash Hudson, they extract the crucial Instagram insights needed to make these decisions. These insights not only empower Michelle’s team to present their content flawlessly (and stylishly, no doubt) but also keeps them attuned to one of their favorite elements of social media: engaging with their audience. Achieving more with fewer resources, optimizing ROI, and enhancing efficiency? That’s a win in every style book!

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