How MATCHESFASHION Invests in Data-Driven Storytelling

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We sat down with Hannah Fillis, head of social media at global luxury e-tailer MATCHESFASHION, to chat about the brand's unique point of view and how it leverages a Dash Hudson-powered data strategy to refine its Instagram narrative. Watch the video below.

In Conversation With Hannah Fillis From MATCHESFASHION

Luxury is a way of life for global e-tailer MATCHESFASHION. To peruse its Instagram account is to enter a luxe universe that is equal parts dreamy, strong, unique, and aspirational. One glance and you know you've entered a sharp, trend-driven universe.

That's the beauty of Instagram. It's the ideal channel for brands like MATCHESFASHION to proliferate a well-crafted image through visual storytelling—arguably the most powerful way for businesses to connect with their audience members today.

While it's all creative genius on the surface, a lot of what goes on behind the scenes to ensure a successful execution of the vision involves a ton of number-crunching. A data strategy is not what followers see, but it's an integral part of any leading brand's Instagram game plan. MATCHESFASHION's aesthetic is powered by data, which is precisely how the business makes such an impact imparting its point of view through visual assets.

Hannah Fillis leads the company's social efforts, and her analytical approach to creative storytelling has given the British e-tailer a key strategic edge. Enter Dash Hudson. To effectively be able to inspire and engage their community, Hannah and her team lean on the Dash Hudson solution, conclusively reporting on all the important numbers that serve to inform a tactical course of action on social.

We recently sat down with Hannah to ask her about the MATCHESFASHION vision, what the brand's social media approach is, and how using Dash Hudson has helped her refine processes and made data essential to decision-making.

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