Clique’s Data-Driven Social Strategy

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We caught up with Clique's Senior Business Intelligence Analyst Kelsey Simmons to discuss how the global media, marketing, and consumer products company leverages data-backed insights to drive photo and video performance on Instagram. Find out how Dash Hudson helps teams across the organization streamline their visual selection and measure success on social. 

In Conversation With Kelsey Simmons of Clique

While the name Clique might not sound familiar to you, The influential brands it powers, like Who What Wear, Byrdie Beauty, and MyDomaine might be. The secret ingredient to their acclaim? Mastery of data analysis.

We sat down with Kelsey Simmons, an expert in data analytics at Clique, to dive deep into the gears that drive their strategy. Here’s what unfolded in our interview.

Clique, formerly known as Clique Media Group, has long been sprinting ahead in the digital race. Born from the foresight of visionary fashion editors who saw the web as fashion's new frontier, Clique launched the trailblazing Who What Wear. Now, as we step into the present, the entity boasts an impressive roster: six media brands, two consumer brands, and a dynamic influencer marketing network.

Climbing the social ladder to digital stardom wasn't a passive journey for Clique. With a relentless pursuit of innovation and a firm belief in the power of data-centric marketing, Clique joined forces with Dash Hudson to fine-tune its social media prowess.

Equipped with a legion of data-savvy mavens, Clique thrives. Among them is Kelsey Simmons, the Senior Business Intelligence Analyst, whose expertise spans both consumer engagement and social media vitality. Her role? To wield the data from Dash Hudson with strategic finesse, ensuring every Instagram move Clique makes is nothing short of brilliant.

Data marketing isn't just a buzzword at Clique — it's the core of their strategy, as evidenced by the success stories of brands like Byrdie Beauty. In the Instagram era, where Clique's audience devours content and discovers products, delivering compelling content is paramount. Here, Dash Hudson's AI-driven tool, Vision, plays the maestro, fine-tuning Clique's content to resonate and perform.

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