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How to Scale Conversational Commerce on Social Media

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According to Instagram, nearly 150 million people start a conversation with a brand on the app every month via comments and DMs. The current pace of social media generates an eye-watering volume of communications in the course of a single day. Digital professionals face the challenge of organizing and prioritizing these messages across channels, while customers might feel unheard through slow or inefficient communication. How can brands optimize their social strategy for conversational commerce?

In this webinar, Amanda Franco, Strategic Product Partnerships Manager, Business Messaging at Meta, and Ryan Sasaki, Vice President of Product at Dash Hudson discuss the solutions top brands use to streamline and transform their social messaging strategy on Instagram, across community building, customer service, influencer marketing, user-generated content, and promotional activities.

What You'll Learn:

  • Why an effective direct messaging strategy is a core component of a successful social marketing team
  • How to organize and prioritize Instagram comments and DMs to become more efficient
  • Why responsiveness is important, and how to create an engaging social communications process
  • The latest developments in Dash Hudson that help brands to scale conversational commerce

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