How to Launch an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy

A Guide to Building An Omnichannel Marketing Strategy for Brands

The emergence of new digital channels and shifting consumer behavior pushed marketing leaders to evolve their strategies. This digital wave has prompted an increase in buzz around multichannel and omnichannel marketing. The two approaches are often used interchangeably, but each requires unique tactics and tools, and ultimately yield different results. A multichannel strategy aims to move consumers from one channel to another by sending a common message across individual channels, while an omnichannel marketing strategy meets users at different points in the customer journey. Brands can no longer stop at a multichannel strategy—an omnichannel strategy will be a necessity to compete in any industry in the future.


What You’ll Learn: 

  • Why an omnichannel marketing strategy is the next step for any brand executing a multichannel strategy

  • The three core elements of an omnichannel marketing strategy

  • Omnichannel marketing best practices for today’s top marketing channels

  • Examples of leading brands that are executing impactful omnichannel strategies

  • The KPIs and tools to use to optimize omnichannel tactics and measure success


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