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How to Grow Your Organic Pinterest Strategy in 2020

Watch our partners at Pinterest and the Dash Hudson team discuss why Pinterest is an essential platform to drive revenue and meaningful growth for your brand this year.

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The Power of Pinterest

 With over 335 million users and 240 billion Pins, Pinterest takes direct-to-consumer marketing to the next level by acting as a curated lifestyle search at the very beginning of a buyer’s journey. The visual search engine holds endless opportunities for brands to engage new audiences and convert Pinners into customers. With Dash Hudson, you can dive deep into your Pin performance, track link clicks, and optimize your Pinterest strategy to maximize ROI. Watch Lucy Matthews, Partnerships Manager at Pinterest, Maggie Hickey, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Dash Hudson, and Kelly Bourque, Brand Strategist at Dash Hudson discuss why Pinterest should be top of mind for marketers this year.


In this organic Pinterest strategy webinar you’ll learn:

  • How to measure and enhance your Pin performance to drive ROI on Pinterest. 
  • The best practices to follow to streamline your content planning and maximize your photo and video performance. 
  • How Dash Hudson surfaces meaningful insights to inform which Pins are engaging your target audience, and ultimately, driving traffic and revenue.