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Social Media Across the Customer Lifecycle: Know Your Social Audience and How to Interact with Them

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Social media has become an integral part of the customer lifecycle. The pandemic has forced digital customer interactions, particularly on social media, to the forefront. The most pressing question about social media is not “Is my target audience on social media?” but rather, “Does my target audience want to interact with my brand on social media?” 32% of US online adults feel that brands share interesting content on social media and only 24% think it’s cool to be associated with a brand online—but there are nuances in those numbers. Companies must approach social strategy by first determining where their target audience falls on the spectrum of willingness to interact with brands on social media. 

Jessica-Liu-headshotIn this webinar, guest speaker Jessica Liu, Senior Analyst, B2C Marketing, at Forrester Research, will answer key questions such as:

  • How do ​consumers use social media across the customer lifecycle?
  • Who are the different types of social consumers?
  • How should my brand approach social media based on our target audience’s preferences?