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Social Media in Social Distancing How to Stay Connected with Your Community

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Creating Meaningful Content, Together

 The times we’re living through are anything but ordinary. Despite best efforts, brands can no longer go about their workdays like it’s business as usual—but they can get through business as “unusual” with a community-focused approach. While the lack of typical resources might seem like a roadblock when it comes to social media, there are many ways to both captivate audiences and share high-performing content that keeps them connected to each other and your brand.

Watch Dash Hudson’s Director of International Growth, Elise Ngobi, and Senior Strategic Account Manager, Emily MacKinnon, discuss social media as a shared space that brands and followers can navigate together. The webinar is followed by a live Q&A hosted by our Head of Content, Michaela Atkinson.


What You’ll Learn:

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  • How to identify and leverage the best user-generated content across your social channels
  • Best practices for publicly responding to the changing global landscape
  • Creative ways to reach out, engage, and convert audiences
  • How to maintain transparency on social