2021 Instagram Industry Benchmarks: Unlocking
ROI in the UK and Europe

Dash Hudson analyzed 50 of the top brands in Europe and the United Kingdom across six industries on Instagram to uncover the strategies leading companies used to nurture consumer-brand relationships from discovery to purchase in 2020. The result is a series of benchmark KPIs that will help you understand your current numbers and guide strategy and goals throughout 2021. 


Winning Strategies During Economic Uncertainty

The COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns led to economic shockwaves across industries in Europe and the United Kingdom. The brands that thrived throughout this turbulent period embraced the shift towards social commerce by using Instagram as a critical touchpoint in the online shopper’s buying journey. How did they do it? Download the benchmark to find out. 

What you’ll learn:

  • The four most important KPIs for Europe and the UK on Instagram across the luxury, fashion, beauty, retail, CPG, and consumer electronics sectors, along with the industry average for each

  • The key trends that have shaped each industry in the last year

  • How the ever-changing economic landscape has altered consumer behaviour on Instagram

  • The strategies industry leaders employ to thrive on this critical social commerce channel

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