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Vertical Video Stats and Strategy in 2020

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The Future of Visual Content

 Vertical video has recently propelled to the top of marketers’ agendas, and it’s no surprise why. With an uptick in online activity, and a new focus on deepening connections to consumers, brands are turning to content in motion to engage digital audiences in a way that feels natural. Instagram and Pinterest are among top channels championing this new frontier—and Dash Hudson is here to walk you through it. 

Join us as we review the latest industry data on Instagram Stories to benchmark your success, tech specs, and best practices for vertical video by channel and feature. From Stories to Pins, Instagram Live to TV, we’ll teach you how to up-level your approach to video.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • The vertical video landscape and how to create engaging content that works for your brand
  • Which metrics matter for each channel, and the latest industry specific benchmarks for success
  • Tips for producing live video, considerations for your brand, and how to maximize its impact