Instagram Benchmarks:
Financial Services Industry

Dash Hudson took a deep dive into the top financial services brands on Instagram to determine industry benchmarks to guide your strategy and goals. Discover who the leaders are across KPIs and how they achieve success on this essential channel.


Max Out Your Social ROI

Financial services brands have branched out from traditional advertising to include channels like Instagram as key marketing mediums. In the competitive financial services industry, marketers are investing in visual storytelling to engage a new generation of consumers and to tell a brand story that is both accessible, and innovative. Leaders in the industry have adopted the power of photos and videos to promote their newest products and seasonal campaigns.

Here's what you'll learn in this report: 

  • The four most important KPIs for financial services brands and the industry average for each.

  • Why these KPIs are meaningful for financial services brands.

  • The strategies industry leaders employ to thrive on Instagram.


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