The 2021 TikTok Performance Benchmarks for Brands

Dash Hudson analyzed the performance of the most followed brands across industries on TikTok to define the success metrics that are most relevant to your brand’s sector and size on the channel. These benchmarks and best practices will help brands understand TikTok performance, and elevate strategy in 2021.


TikTok Strategy, Elevated

TikTok is a burgeoning channel used globally by millions of people and brands alike. With its success, leading brands have wasted no time incorporating the channel into content strategies. With new channels come new challenges and many marketers have questions about how to measure TikTok performance. What metrics should brands target for success on this quickly evolving platform? Download the benchmark report to find out.

What you’ll learn:

  • The industry averages and key performance indicators for marketing on TikTok across the beauty, apparel, luxury, consumer electronics, food, CPG, and media and publishing sectors

  • Key trends that have shaped the channel over the past year and how to adopt a trendsetting TikTok strategy

  • Best practices and strategies for reporting TikTok performance that brands can employ to thrive on the channel

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